Why Can't I Find my EDI 850 Orders in the Process EDI Window?

If your EDI 850 documents aren't showing up in the Process EDI window, take these steps

If you are setting up or using EDI to import in and process orders, you may run into a problem with 850s not showing up in the Process EDI window within Acctivate. There are a few different potential causes for this situation and we’ll cover the two major ones in this article.

Cause 1: No 850 Files in the EDI “Inbox” folder

It may be something as simple as there not being any 850 files within the Inbox folder. To check this, you’ll need to take the following steps to locate your inbox folder:

  1. Open the Configuration Manager from the File menu at the top left of the Acctivate window
  2. Select the “EDI” option from the side, then click “Trading partners”
  3. First, check the <system> trading partner – this are your default settings. Click the “Show advanced” text on the Partner Options tab
  4. Click the “Incoming Files” tab. Check if there is text in the “Mailbox Path” field. If there is, copy down the text and paste it into the file explorer’s address bar. This will take you to the EDI folder where the 850s should be coming in.
  5. (Optional step) If there is no file path in the mailbox field, or if there is only “c:”, click on the trading partner from the menu on the side and check the same tab as mentioned in step 4. If nothing is there either, check the “Customer purchase order” tab for a mailbox path.

Once you’ve made it to the inbox folder, check to see if there are any files in there. If there are none, then that explains why no orders are showing up in the Process EDI window. You may need to contact your VAN to determine why the files are not coming in to the inbox folder. There might be a function that you need to run with their program to transfer the files into the inbox folder on your machine, or perhaps their processes need to be reviewed.

Cause 2: Mismatching Trading Partner IDs

If you’ve navigated to the inbox folder and found files, open one of the 850s to verify the trading partner ID used. Take the following steps:

  1. Double click the 850 or right click and open with notepad
  2. Right click and select “Select All”
  3. Right click and copy all the text in the file, or use ctrl+c
  4. Open a blank excel workbook
  5. Click the A1 cell and paste the data into excel (right click and select “Paste” or use ctrl+v)
  6.  Check the value in C1 – this should be the trading partner ID.
  7. Open Acctivate’s configuration manager and select the trading partner we’re investigating (steps 1 and 2 from the above section)
  8. Check the “Partner ID” field against the text in C1 of your excel file.

If the text in C1 does not match the trading partner ID exactly, Acctivate will not bring in the 850 for processing. To fix this, you’ll need to contact your VAN and inform them of the situation so they can correct the ID being sent to you, or find out if your trading partner ID in Acctivate is incorrect. If it is incorrect on the Acctivate side, simply enable editing mode and change the partner ID to match the ID in the 850.

3. Mismatching Folder Path

There may be a possibility that the folder path for Customer Purchase Orders is entered in incorrectly.

  1. Under the New Trading Partner in Configuration Manager, click "Customer Purchase Order".
  2. Under Purchase Order Mailbox Info, make sure the folder path matches the folder where the Purchase Orders are placed.
  3. If the folder path does not match, copy and paste the folder path into the 'Mailbox Path' field.
  4. Make sure the folder path entered into Configuration Manager does not include the file mask.

If neither of these causes line up with what you’re facing, contact Acctivate Support.