Why isn't CYMA opening from within Acctivate?

Make sure the User ID, password, and file path are correct.

In order to open the CYMA application from within Acctivate you need to check two things.

  1. The User ID and password for both systems has to match. So if I have a User ID called ‘ABC’ in Acctivate, that User ID needs to exist in CYMA and they need to have the same password.
  2. The path that is used to find the CYMA company file from within Acctivate is the path on the Acct.ini file. The ini file typically has a network path to the server in it so the path would look something like: \\SERVERNAME\cyma\CYMA4\COMPANYNAME where SERVERNAME is the name of your Acctivate and CYMA server and COMPANYNAME is the name of the CYMA  company file.