Resolving Sync Errors After Deleting a Tax Category in QuickBooks.

Deleting a tax category in QuickBooks may result in a sync error if customers are related to that tax category in Acctivate.

Within QuickBooks, users are able to set up custom tax categories. Over time, these categories may become discontinued or fall out of use. If a QuickBooks user deletes or removes any of these categories, sync errors will occur when syncing with Acctivate. Some of the errors that occur include:

Warning TaxCategory Tax group Example Tax cannot be deleted since it is currently used by Acctivate data


SubmitCustomerBatch: error while creating customer Example Customer. {0000-0000-0000}: Object "000000-00000" (Tax category "Example Tax") specified in the request cannot be found. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list.


Error Tax [SynchronizeQBTax][PutQBTaxCategoryRS][DoRequestsWithLog]QBFC13.QBSessionManager.1 (-2147220729) ItemSalesTaxGroupAdd
ItemSalesTaxRefList: required list is empty
End of ItemSalesTaxGroupAdd

If you have deleted a category or group, then you may encounter these issues. One way to resolve errors 1 and 3 is to change the tax category of the customers in Acctivate who were set up to use the deleted category to another one that is in use. Once that is done, run the sync. This must be done before errors like the second one can be fixed.

In the case of error 2, you'll get this error if Acctivate is trying to create a customer in QuickBooks using the now deleted category. After taking the steps for errors 1 and 3, this error should go away. If it does not, then change the tax category, run a sync, then change the category back to the proper one and run one more sync. This will ensure that the Tax Category table in the database related to customers is properly updated and that customer records are referencing the most up to date version of it.

If you've tried the above methods, but are still running into issues, contact Acctivate Support for more in depth help.