Un-scheduling an order.

This will show how to unschedule an order, from scheduled to booked, while using the action menu.

If you scheduled an order, but need to unschedule it for some reason, you can follow the steps below to utilize our 'Next Action' Button.
  1. Pull up the Sales List Window.  
  2. Select the order you need to un-schedule. Once you have selected the order, click Edit.
  3. Once your order is opened, be sure you are not in Edit mode. If opening from the List View, save or undo to exit Edit mode. The order will have an 'Action' button next to the 'Create Invoice' Button. Click on that button and find 'Unschedule (Book Order)' and Click on 'Unschedule' to place the order status back in 'Booked' Status.
    Unschedule - Book Order-1
  4. Save your order.

You can also do this in bulk via the Order manager.