Updating Products to be Available on Web.

In edit mode, check the "Available on Web" option in the product window. The Product Import can be used to do this in bulk.


For availability to sync over to your webstore, a product must be marked as "Available on Web." For users just starting in webstore with hundreds of products, it's inefficient to go through and check the check box on every product.  However, Acctivate offers the ability to do this in bulk via the import product tool. To get your product list out of Acctivate, we have a few different options:

Setup an Excel Query to Extract Product List:

  1. Follow the instructions in the Excel query article to step 4
  2. Select the proper Acctivate database
  3. Choose the Product view
  4. Click Next
  5. Give the file a Name, File Location, Description, and Search Keywords (all optional)
  6. Click Finish
  7. The Import Data window will appear for you to select how you want to view this data in your workbook and where you want to put it. Select the proper option for you (Table is typical)
  8. Click OK when finished and the Product view will populate the Excel sheet
  9. Update the AvailOnWeb column to be TRUE for any item which needs to have this specification

After this, you're ready to import them back in for updating.

Export Product List using the "Export Product" tool:

We have an article about this located here. Be sure that you at the very least include the "ProductID" and "AvailOnWeb" fields for export.

After this, you're ready to import them back in for updating.

Export Product List by exporting the lookup grid:

  1. Open up the "Product Lookup" grid by going to the "Edit Product" window and choosing the magnifying glass to lookup products.
  2. Right Click within the grid to open the options menu.
  3. Select "Send to Excel"

Send to Excel

Helpful Tip: You're able to send most any grid in Acctivate to excel!

After this, you're ready to import them back in for updating.

Import Excel Query Data to Update Products to be Available on Web

  1. Using the spreadsheet created in one of the steps above, follow the instructions listed here until Mapping Editor [2/5] step 6
  2. Map the Product ID and Available on Web columns
  3. Save Mapping
  4. Begin Import
  5. Follow the prompts until the import completes.

Once the import completes any product in the import will now be marked as available on web and usable via the "Only export Available on web products" in the Export Product List utility.