What do I do if I cannot Sync to QuickBooks if it's Closed but the Integrated Application Certificate is Set?

After verifying the integrated application settings in QuickBooks allow Acctivate to open in the background, check the file path for Acctivate and QuickBooks. They should use either the UNC Filepath or a Map Drive. The directory must match.

If you are unable to sync to Acctivate and receive the following message, first see our article on creating the Integrated Application certificate.

Acctivate is not allowed to log into your QuickBooks company file automatically. Please log into your QuickBooks Company and click OK

Once the Integrated Application is created with the option "Allow this application to login automatically" and "Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running", if you are still having issues, please check the QuickBooks file path for Acctivate and QuickBooks. Both need to match exactly. If one is using a UNC Filepath and one is using a Map Drive, the Integrated Application certificate won't work correctly. This is because the Integrated Application certificate is passed through the file directory. If the two applications don't match, QuickBooks cannot send the certificate permissions correctly to Acctivate. Please follow the steps below to review the QuickBooks and Acctivate file locations. 

File Location in QuickBooks

  1. Open QuickBooks and login to the company file used for Acctivate. 
  2. Press the F2 key on your keyboard. 
  3. Review the File Location in the Product Information window.

File Location in Acctivate

  1. Open Database Maintenance located in \\ServerName\Acctivate.
  2. At the top toolbar, go to Database and then Database Info
  3. Review the QuickBooks file location under the QuickBooks Company File location

Correct the File Locations

If the file locations do not match, update the file location so that QuickBooks and Acctivate Match. Go through these options to resolve this. 

  • Use the sync to update the location path.
    1. Open the QuickBooks file for Acctivate while Acctivate is open.
    2. Run a sync from Acctivate to QuickBooks with the QuickBooks file open. 
    3. QuickBooks will prompt you that the File Location has moved. 
    4. Using the F2 key in QuickBooks, verify that the File location matches the File location listed in Database Maintenance for Acctivate.
  • Update the QuickBooks file location to match the QuickBooks location in Database Maintenance. 
    1. Open Database Maintenance
    2. Go to Database then Database Info
    3. In Edit Mode, select the correct Company file and either copy and paste the QuickBooks file to match QuickBooks, or use the ellipses ("...") to select the path location. 
    4. Save the changes.
    5. Close out of Acctivate and Database Maintenance. 
    6. Go back into Database Info in Database Maintenance. 
    7. Verify that the file location shown in Database Maintenance matches the location listed in QuickBooks Product Information.
  • Contact QuickBooks Support to update the QuickBooks file location. 

Please contact support if you have any questions or issues. 

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