What are the UPS Handling Charge Options?

UPS Handling Charge Options

In some cases where you’re using Shipping Manager in conjunction with UPS Worldship you need to apply a flat rate handling fee to the packages created for Sales Orders.   In doing so you may have noticed that upon import the Handling Charge total was applied to each package created and exported to Acctivate.  This may be due to the Shipping Handling Charge option selected on the UPS Profile.  To review and change please follow these steps:

  1. Open UPS Worldship and navigate to Tools > Profile Editor
    • If not using a Profile skip to step 3 and complete steps per Shipment created
  2. In the following window select the specific Profile to be edited
  3. Click the Options tab and identify if the option ‘Handling Charge‘ is selected under Shipment Options
    • If this option is not selected and you wish to charge a flat rate Handling Charge per Shipment check this option now.
  4. Next, identify which option is selected under handling charge, ‘Flat (per package)‘, ‘Flat (per shipment)‘, or ‘Percent(of shipment cost)
    • For the purpose of this article we will use ‘Flat (per shipment)UPSHandlingCharge
  5. Once ‘Flat (per shipment)’ is selected continue to enter in the Handling Charge you will be charging your customers

Now, each time you enter in a shipment the handling charge will be shown, in UPS, as the shipment charge.  But once it is exported to Acctivate this amount will be shown as the package Handling Charge.  The reason for this is that Acctivate does not have a way, structurally, to identify the different options outlined in step 4 above and the amount is imported in per package, not per shipment.