Can I use Acctivate on Apple iPad or Android Tablet?

Acctivate is a Windows application, but can be accessed from a variety of devices using a Remote Desktop connection. Acctivate mobile is also available on Android devices.

Acctivate is a Windows application, but can be accessed from a variety of devices using a Remote Desktop connection.

There is not a native iOS Acctivate.  However, the iTunes App Store offers Remote Desktop apps.  You can install a Remote Desktop app on your device, then configure a connection to either your Desktop PC or a Terminal Server on your work network.  The windows in Acctivate work well on all tablets with a screen of 7" or larger. All of the below methods could also be used if you'd like to access the Acctivate Desktop app on an Android tablet.

Microsoft Remote Desktop


Microsoft has published their Remote Desktop app for all platforms.  This is the official Remote Desktop app from Microsoft.  It should be the most stable for accessing your Windows desktop or server computer.  The Microsoft app offers a simple mechanism for pan/zoom and a button to toggle the keyboard.  However, this app will require your IT/network support to set up a secure Remote Desktop gateway or port forwarding to access your work computer outside of your firewall.

You can download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app in the Mac App Store, or iTunes App Store.

WYSE Pocket Cloud


WYSE PocketCloud is an excellent choice for both iOS and Android devices.  PocketCloud can remotely connect to either your desktop computer at the office or a Terminal Server, just like the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.  The main difference is that Pocket Cloud offers a unique mouse pointer with quick access to the keyboard, shortcuts such as copy/paste and other tools.  The free version allows connection to a single computer, the Pro edition is recommended to connect to multiple computers, including your server.

You can download Pocket Cloud in the iTunes App Store.

 Jump Remote Desktop


Jump Desktop is another excellent choice for the Mac OS X and iOS platforms.  This is a great app if you needing to access your work PC from your home computer running Mac OS X or iPad.  Jump uses your Google (Gmail) account to securely manage your list of computers for remote access.  You should be able to set up your remote connection without any changes to your network.

You can download Jump Desktop in Mac App Store, or the iTunes App Store