Installing Acctivate against an existing instance, performing Silent MSI installs, and performing Silent Database upgrades.

Acctivate can be installed with a variety of commands to do various things such as install against an existing SQL instance. This article includes links to our up-to-date guides on our docs' page about how to perform these tasks.

By default, the Acctivate install will create a SQL Express 2022 instance named ACCTIVATE when installed on the server. The installer on both the server and the workstation will require user interaction and the database upgrade will require user interactions. For situations where you do not want to use the default Acctivate instance or want to install without the need for user interactions, we offer a variety of installation commands that can be ran via the command prompt. 

All of those commands are as follows. Click the link to be taken to the appropriate docs section for each command:

We also allow you to install Acctivate without loading the demo company database. To perform that, use the following command, replacing SERVERNAME\INSTANCE with the name of your server and SQL instance:

  • SQL Auth:
    • setup /sqlserver=SERVERNAME\INSTANCE /sqluid:sa /sqlpwd:password /nodemo

  • Win Auth:
    • setup /sqlserver=SERVERNAME\INSTANCE /sqltrusted /nodemo