Can Terminal Services be used to access Acctivate from a remote computer?

Some information on what it takes to get this working for your system.

In order to use Acctivate from a remote computer, you will need to use a remote connection tool in order to remotely connect and run Acctivate on the local network.  Remote Desktop Services, formerly called Terminal Services, is an option if you have a Windows Server listed on our System Requirements specs.

You should consult with a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) to assist with configuring Remote Desktop Services.

Note: Windows Server usually packaged with standard CALs (client access licenses). Only two remote users will be able to connect using Remote Desktop Service at a time and these users must be in the administrators users group. You must obtain RDS CALs (remote desktop services client access licenses) to allow for non-administrators or more than two users to connect at a time. RDS CALs are different from the standard CALs and none are typically included. Pricing information is available at

Once Remote Desktop Service is configured on a Server, you can then use Remote Desktop Connection utility to remotely connect to your RDS Server.

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