How to use the Mobile Inventory Management Module for Inventory Counts.

Counts on Mobile begin by preparing the Count in Acctivate. Login to Acctivate on the mobile device > Inventory > Count > select the Sheet and Zone. Scan or select a product to enter in the count. Click the green checkbox, Save, & click the check.

Mobile Inventory Management is a mobile add-on module that allows for inventory counts to be performed for count sheets that have been prepared in the desktop version of Acctivate, but not yet posted. This enables the user to walk the warehouse and scan items as they go rather than writing the information down for someone else to enter later. 

Please Note: Counts are only available for Windows Mobile at this time.

Counting inventory begins on the desktop version of Acctivate, before the count can be performed on the mobile handheld module. To do so, follow the steps listed here. Skip the step for printing the count sheet since it will be entered on the device.

If you would like to do a blind count on the mobile devices, you can select the option in Configuration to do so. The option is found under the Mobile section of Configuration Manager.

Performing the count inside the mobile handheld module:

  1. Log into Acctivate on your Pocket PC. Enter your login information (i.e. Company, User ID, Password) and then click the OK button (green checkmark icon).
  2. The main menu will open with two options, select Inventory.

  3. From the next menu, select Count to begin receiving inventory.

  4. The count sheet prepared in the desktop version now appears in the Select a Sheet drop-down menu of the mobile handheld module.  If the count sheet is sequenced by the Product ID only, there is only one section to the count sheet.  If it is sequenced by Product class or Location, then multiple sections will appear on the count and each section must be opened individually.
  5. Click the Next button (blue right arrow icon) to select the count sheet.
  6. The Inventory Count session will open for the user to begin entering information.
  7. Scan, select, or enter the Product ID to add quantity for each product.
    • To view product information including current inventory levels for a product, highlight (select) it and then click the Info button (circled, dark green 'i' icon).  To return to the previous screen click the Back
      button (blue left arrow icon).
    • If utilizing Bin Locations, scan or select the specific location (Loc) to pull up the products listed within.
  8. When you are done counting inventory, click the green check box in the top left-hand side.
  9. The Save Count Sheet screen will open. If there are any items without a quantity specified, you'll see a list of these uncounted lines with an option to set the quantities to zero.
  10. Click the green check box once you've reviewed any uncounted items and chosen whether to set them to zero. You will see Inventory count saved on the next screen.
  11. Click the green check box to complete the transaction.
  12. The newly saved count is available for review and posting.  Inventory does not update until the count sheet has been posted in the desktop version.