How to Use Vendor Barcodes In Acctivate

Vendors may send products with their barcode. It may be possible to use the vendor barcode in Acctivate for receiving or other transactions. Read more below.

Not all vendor product barcodes are usable in Acctivate. However, with some effort, vendor barcodes using GS1 application identifier (AI) may be used in Acctivate.

Note: The direction below assume the vendor barcode is for products. The same logic and checks will work for other types of barcodes.

Check the vendor barcode to review how the barcode is generated

  1. To use vendor product barcodes in Acctivate, verify the barcode is set up correctly and scannable by Acctivate using the Barcode Information on Android Mobile.
    1. Review the application identifiers to find the GTIN (01) application identifier. This is used as the Product ID in Acctivate and compares against the Product ID, UPC, and Alternate Product ID fields.
    2. Review other fields needed, such as Lot (10) used for Lot/Serial numbers. Read more about application Identifiers here.
  2. If your vendor barcode uses the appropriate application identifier, such as GTIN (01) for Product IDs, Acctivate can use the vendor barcode. Additional product configuration is usually required. 
  3. If your vendor barcode uses a text field, reach out to our support team to configure Acctivate to recognize the text field as the Product ID.
  4. If your vendor barcode does not use a text field or GS1 AI, the barcode is unusable in Acctivate. Reach out to your vendor to try to get a GS1 AI barcode to use with Acctivate.

Configure Acctivate to use the GS1 AI vendor barcodes

Note: If the GTIN (01) value from the vendor is set up already as the Vendor Product ID, no further configuration is needed.

To set up a vendor barcode that uses a GTIN (01), add the vendor GTIN (01) value as the Alternate Product ID or UPC for the related Acctivate product.
  1. Work with your vendors to send a list of GTIN (01) values via excel (.xlsx, .xls, .csv). Add the Acctivate Product ID in a separate column in Excel, and use the Product import to update Acctivate.
  2. As products come in from vendors, manually update the Product Alternate ID in Acctivate.
  3. Using a USB barcode scanner, scan the available vendor barcodes. Use barcode reading software like Excel, BarTender, or Wasp to scan the barcodes into a list on the computer. Then use Excel to create a Product import for Acctivate. If needed, use the Excel text-to-column feature to separate out the GS1 AI values in different columns and add the Acctivate Product ID. Use the Product import to import the Alternate Product ID changes.
    NOTE: additional configuration or installation of barcoding software may be required for this method. Please work with your IT and barcode device support for assistance using your USB barcode device.