Resolving the Error "The user name or password is incorrect" when trying to login to a workstation

When trying to access the Acctivate login window from a workstation, if the message "Run-time error...:The user name or password is incorrect" appears, check the Windows network credentials for the server Admin user and password.

Occasionally users will run into the following error when trying to launch Acctivate on a workstation. The following error will display before the Acctivate login splash screen displays: 

Run-time error '-2147023570 (8007052e)':The user name or password is incorrect.

If the server password protected sharing enabled in the Network and Sharing Center, either select "Turn off password protected sharing" or reset the server admin password on the Credenials Manager on the workstation.

I. Check the password protection option on the server

  1. Go to Control Panel 
  2. Type in "Network and Sharing Center" in the Control Panel search bar
  3. Select "Change advanced sharing settings"
  4. Go to the "Password protected sharing" section at the bottom and expand the section. 
    1. If "Turn on password protected sharing" is enabled,  the ServerName\Admin user and password are required on the workstation.


II. Check the workstation Windows Credentials

  1. On the workstation try opening Acctivate to check to see if the message still appears
  2. If it does, open File Explorer
    1. Type in the \\ServerName directory
    2. If prompted to log in with Windows credentials use the ServerName\Admin password and retry launching Acctivate. If the Acctivate login window opens, the issue is resolved.
    3. If not prompted to log in, check the Windows Credentials.

III. Check Windows Credentials under Credential Manager on the workstation

  1. Open up Credential Manager in Control Panel.
  2. Select Windows Credentials
  3. Look for the ServerName Windows Credentials. 
    1. Expand the dropdown arrow and remove the credentials


  4. Reboot the workstation.
  5. Open File Explorer and type the \\ServerName directory path
    1. When prompted add the ServerName\Admin and password credentials. Be sure to use the server admin and not the workstation admin credentials
    2. Save and close the login window
  6. Make sure Windows Credentials displays the ServerName\Admin user and password. 
    1. If not under Windows Credentials, select "Add a Windows credential"
    2. Add the ServerName, ServerName\Admin user name, and  Password
    3. Save and close the window.



  7. Try launching Acctivate again
  8. If the issue persists, in File Explorer, type \\ServerIPAddress
    1. If prompted to log into Windows, use the ServerIPAddress\Admin user and password credentials
    2. Save and close the login window
  9. Change the Target UNC Filepath location to use the IP Address instead of the server name. 
    1. After updating the Properties, apply changes, save and close. 
  10. Launch Acctivate. At this point, you should be able to log in. If not, please contact our Support Team