Resolving the UTFDataFormatException error received during Sync .

UTFDataFormatException error received during Sync

The following exception may occur during synchronization:

An exception occurred! Type:UTF Data Format Exception, Message: invalid byte … in XML data.

This error is typically caused by a non-ASCII character in a QuickBooks record. Use the following procedure to resolve this problem:

  1. Log in to QuickBooks as Admin
  2. Switch to single-user mode on the File menu
  3. Open Preferences from the Edit menu
  4. Select Integrated Applications in the list on the left
  5. Click the Company Preferences tab
  6. Select Acctivate in the list and click Properties
  7. Check the Allow this application to access Social Security Numbers, customer credit card information, and other personal data option and click OK
  8. Click OK to close the Preferences window
  9. Switch back to Acctivate and Sync with QuickBooks again