Acctivate's Purchasing Process

The following article contains a video and short guide that covers the purchasing process, including creating a purchase order, receiving inventory & invoicing a purchase order.

Create Purchase Order (0:15)

  1. Select Purchasing > Purchase Order from the main menu or by using the shortcut from the main toolbar.
  2. Click the New button to create a new Purchase Order
  3. Use Status of Purchase Order to show users where it is in the purchasing process. The status of Issued means it is “in process” (ready to receive and invoice).
    • Default purchasing status is set in Configuration Management under Purchasing Options.
  4. Enter PO Header information. The PO number generates automatically. The numbering scheme is setup in Configuration Management.
    • To select the Supplier, click the Lookup button. The Supplier information pulls from the vendor record maintained in QuickBooks.
    • Select the Warehouse you will be receiving the items into under Ship to Address.
    • Specify Ship Via and FOB, if necessary.
  5. Enter PO Detail
    • Enter Product ID and press Tab button on keyboard or use the browse button to search for products.
    • Enter quantity in the Ordered column.
      • Price is pulled from negotiated price specified on the Vendors tab for the product. If none exists, then the Purchase Order displays the Last Cost. Users can override this price, if necessary.
    • Special instructions at line level should be entered in the Instructions field. This will enable instructions to print below each line in the detail on the PO.
    • Users have the ability to Move, Insert, or Delete rows after entering Purchase Orders. For more information, check out this article.
  6. If any special instructions, enter them on the Instructions tab. These include any PO level instructions which need to be printed at the bottom of your Purchase Order.
  7. Print or Email the Purchase Order to your vendor.
    • The PO is saved as a pdf attachment when selecting to email the Purchase Order. Any email sent from Acctivate from this window will be saved in the Email tab.
    • In Edit mode, emails from the message pane of Outlook and Outlook Express can be dragged and dropped into this tab.

Receive Inventory (3:55)

  1. Initiate a receipt directly for Inventoried items from a purchase order by clicking the Receive button from the Purchase Order window.
    • By default, all outstanding products on a purchase order are received in full. This can be disabled in the Purchasing Options section of Configuration Management.
    • Non-inventoried items go directly to Invoice rather than receipt.
  2. The Inventory Receipts window will open up after pressing Receive.
    • All the outstanding products from the purchase order will display in the data grid with their outstanding quantities entered in the Received field. Update quantity received, if necessary.
    • The Session Date defaults to today’s date. This will be the date of the receipt in your Transactions tab on the product window.
    • Make sure to enter/update any pertinent information like Document Date, Reference, Receiving Document, or Description. These are internal notes for the receipt as a whole.
  3. Post to inventory when done by pressing Post.
    • Reports are generated when the transaction is posted.
    • If necessary, the report can be printed later from Inventory Reports > Transactions > Inventory Receipts.
  4. The accounting impact of a Receipt is a Debit to Inventory Asset and a Credit to Accrued Purchase Receipts.

Bill Received from Vendor (6:25)

  1. To invoice a Purchase Order, either initiate from PO window by pressing Invoice or go to Purchasing > Purchase Invoice from the main menu
    • Enter the PO number manually and press Tab or use Lookup function to locate.
    • Press Edit on the Purchase Invoice, if opening from main menu.
    • Enter Invoice Number and Invoice Date from vendor bill.
  2. Approve the quantity, price, and amount on the Detail tab of the Purchase Invoice.
    • Red line is received information.
    • Green line is used for approval to pay. Users can manually override the values.
    • You must manually enter the quantity approved for Non-inventoried items on this screen.
  3. If other charges like Shipping are included in the Purchase Invoice total, add that cost to the Other Amounts tab.
    • Make sure to specify the Expense Account for Acctivate to use.
    • If the amount is a Landed Cost, check the Landed Cost box and a new session will open for allocation.
  4. Once all information is entered, click Save and select Create Invoice.
    • The system will prompt to mark the Purchase Order as complete on final processing. If first shipment not invoiced in full, PO will remain open for future receipts and invoices.
    • Users can manually change PO status to Complete if outstanding quantity will never be received.
    • After synchronization, the vendor bill will show up in your “Bills to Pay” section
    • The accounting impact of a Purchase Invoice is a Debit to Accrued Purchase Receipts and a Credit to Accounts Payable.