How to View and Send Acctivate log files

Help>View Log Files will allow you to access Exception, Webstore, Shipping Workstation, and QuickBooks Sync log files.

Each Acctivate workstation will have it's own set of unique logs that are written to "C:\ProgramData\Alterity\Acctivate\Log". For example, if workstation A encounters an exception error in Acctivate, the exception log will be written to the local directory on Workstation A only. Workstation B will not see this exception log on their computer because it did not encounter this exception. Furthermore, if Workstation A runs an Acctivate and QuickBooks Sync, the sync log will be written locally to Workstation A. Logs generated on the Acctivate Server will also write to the same directory mentioned above.

View Acctivate Log files when syncing with QuickBooks

  1. Run a sync with QuickBooks.
  2. After the sync completes, before closing the sync window select the View Log.
  3. The exact sync log text file will open.

View Acctivate Log files after syncing or receiving an error message

  1. To view log or exceptions, click Help>View Log Files:
  2. The "View Acctivate Logs" window will open and you will have four different options to choose from. Each option will open the log files that occurred on that workstation only
    Log window
    • Exception log: Errors or Exceptions that occur in Acctivate are written to this folder. This log file contains critical information and is commonly used for troubleshooting unique errors in Acctivate. There are times when the Acctivate Support team may request this file.
    • Web store sync log: If webstore logs are enabled, each webstore sync will generate a log folder at the time a webstore sync is ran.
    • Shipping workstation log: Mostly relevant for ShipStation integrations and if Verbose ShipStation logging is enabled. Also used for "shipping workstation" sync processes. 
    • QuickBooks sync log: Each time you sync Acctivate with QuickBooks, a log file is created locally on the workstation that ran the sync. This log file contains critical information about the Sync process and lets the user know if the sync is working as expected. There are times when the Acctivate Support team may request this file.
  3. Click the radio button for the desired section and select View. This will open the latest log file that resides locally on the workstation. Open Folder will open the log directory which will present all logs for that particular section.

If you have any questions or need clarification on how logging works in Acctivate, please reach out to our Support team here