How do I Void a Payment In Acctivate?

Steps to void an incorrect payment in Acctivate rather it be tied to an invoice, or created standalone in the payment window (Version 11.1+)

From time to time, it may be necessary to void a posted Invoice in Acctivate. Often, it may be the case that the Invoice which needs to be voided has a related Payment record. The process of voiding the Invoice is easy enough (see our Void an Invoice help article). The process of voiding the payment can differ depending on what version of Acctivate you're on. Rather it be pre version 11.1 or version 11.1 and higher. If you need instructions on voiding a standalone payment created in the edit payment window, you can skip the that part of the article by clicking this link. Please note that the standalone payment window was added in Version 11.1.

Pre Version 11.1

If the Invoice which is being voided has NOT been synced to QuickBooks, the user will get a message like the one seen below. In voiding the Invoice, the related Payment will also be voided, and neither will be created in QuickBooks until (if) the Invoice is re-released.

If the Invoice and Payment HAVE ALREADY synced into QuickBooks, the user will get a message like the one below, when voiding the Invoice. Because the Payment has already synced to QuickBooks, voiding the Invoice will NOT remove the Payment record from QuickBooks.

NOTE: If the Invoice is re-released in Acctivate, the Payment will need to be re-applied by following the steps in this article.

If the Invoice has been voided in Acctivate and the related Payment has already been synced to QuickBooks, then the Payment will need to be deleted from within QuickBooks. The first sync which is run after the Payment has been deleted from QuickBooks will remove the Payment from Acctivate.

To do this within QuickBooks, first, open the Payment Transaction. Verify that the Payment is not applied to anything (as the Invoice should have been removed with the first sync after voiding in Acctivate), then click Delete and OK when asked if you’re sure you wish to Delete the Transaction. Then, run a sync. After the sync, the Payment should no longer show in either system.

Once the Payment records have been removed from QuickBooks and Acctivate, check in your Credit Card Processor to verify that the related Charge has either been voided, deleted or refunded.

Version 11.1 and higher

With the introduction of the new payment window, payments are now separate from invoices. Voiding an invoice does not automatically void the payment. After voiding an invoice, you'll receive the message below:


Clicking "Yes" will open the payment in the "Customer Payment" window, and from there you can click on the red X icon to void the payment. 

Clicking "No" will keep the payment as a credit on the customer's file.

If the payment has already been synchronized to QuickBooks, you will be unable to void it in Acctivate, and instead you will need to void it in QuickBooks. Voiding it in QuickBooks and then syncing will push over the void into Acctivate.

Voiding a standalone payment not tied to an invoice

New in Version 11.1 you are now able to create standalone payments using the new "Customer Payment" window. If you need to void a payment created like this, take these steps:

  1. Open the customer in question that the payment was made for. You can either do this on the "Customer" presentation screen or in the "Edit Customer" window. 
    1. For the presentation window, locate the payment in question and mouse over the customer payment icon. The icon will turn into a pencil for you to click.
    2. For the edit customer window, click on the "Invoices" tab. You will need to check the "Include zero balance items" check box to show the payments. From here locate the payment row and double click the "DocumentID" box.
  2. The "Enter Payment for Customer {NAME}" will appear, where {NAME} will be replaced for the customer.
  3. Click on the "Void" icon to void the payment.
    1. Void 
    2. Please Note: If the payment was synchronized to QuickBooks already, you will have to void it in QuickBooks. After voiding, your next sync will push over the voided record to Acctivate. You can tell if the payment synced because you will see the following message in the top right corner of the window:
      1. QB


If you get stuck on any of the above methods and need help, you can contact Acctivate Support here.

For a deeper look at payments and everything about them, check out our docs site!