Web order customer matching sequence.

Customers are matched in the following order: Web Customer ID, Acctivate Customer ID, Alt Customer ID, Company Email, Account Number.

When importing in sales orders using the Acctivate web store module, Acctivate will first try to find a customer in Acctivate that matches the customer who placed the order on your web store site. If no matching customer can be found, Acctivate will create a new customer if the template option “Import Customers” is enabled. Acctivate tries to match the web store customer to an Acctivate customer using the sequence listed below. The web store template mappings vary based on which web store Acctivate is integrated with, so if you have any questions regarding web store mappings, please contact our support team.

  1. Web Customer ID
  2. Acctivate Customer ID
  3. Alternate Customer ID
  4. Company Email
  5. Account Number

For customers importing in orders from a file using our Sales Order Import window, please refer to our Sales Order Import Customer Matching Sequence.