Webstore Configuration Questions

This article contains frequently asked questions about webstore configuration.

When you set up a webstore template in Acctivate, there are several options for setting up the sections of that template. These questions can help determine which options to use in your setup.

How do you want to see customer records in Acctivate?

  • Option 1- create a new customer in Acctivate for each record from the webstore. Acctivate will match existing customers based on a matching sequence.  ex: John Smith (jsmith@email.com)
    • Option 2- import all orders under a Bulk customer ID

    Will Alternate Product ID's be needed to match products between the Webstore and Acctivate?

    • Depending on the webstore type, the fields given on a sales order for a product will be SKU, UPC, ProductID, etc.
    • If you do need alternate product id's, follow this article to set them up.

    Where do you charge Sales Tax?

    • Do you charge sales tax only on orders that are shipped within your state?
    • If you have Avalara, is that set up on the webstore as well?

    Will you be Authorizing or Charging credit cards on the webstore?

    • Magento webstore templates allow you to Authorize a credit card on the webstore and then charge the card in Acctivate.

    How do you want to record the payment method of an order charged on the webstore? 

    • i.e. Do you want to bring in the card types (Visa, Mastercard, etc) or set them all as Credit Card?

    Do you use Discounts in your webstore?

    • You can bring them in all under a default product so that you don't have to create a new product for every discount code.

    How do you want to show the options for shipping in Acctivate?

    • Do you allow your customers to choose from more than one shipping method on your webstore?
    • What does Standard shipping mean to you?

    Do you want to set a default Terms Code?

    • You can set a default terms code for all webstore orders.

    Are you shipping from one warehouse or multiple?

    • You can set a default warehouse for all webstore orders to use.
    • You can also set the warehouse for the inventory export to use as well.