Resolving Webstore sync error: Webservice returned zero length data

Many software applications and web stores have security and password protocols meant to protect your data and stop hackers.  What you may not realize is changing the administrative password on your web store, could also affect any software applications that have a connection to it, including Acctivate.  If you have recently changed your web store administrative password, the next time you attempt to sync with your web store you may receive the following message:

ERROR | Webservice returned zero length data. This may be caused by a network connection issue or because the webservice was not able to process the request.|

Acctivate is still connected and attempting to communicate with your web store, using the old password causing the web store to reject the request.  Volusion for example requires that the Admin password be changed every 90 days, at which time you must also update the Encrypted Password in the web store configuration.  This should allow Acctivate to retrieve any new orders.  If you receive the error above first check with the web store administrator and have them reset the password in Acctivate.

If you have additional questions or need assistance please contact Acctivate Support.