What are Inventory Counts?

Post all inventory transactions and create Invoices for shipped orders. Then prepare count sheets to perform a year-end inventory count with Acctivate to organize your warehouse and get an accurate inventory.

Perform a year-end inventory count with Acctivate to organize your warehouse and get an accurate inventory by following the provided steps.

Before preparing and printing count sheets it is VERY IMPORTANT that you post all inventory transactions and create invoices for all shipped orders.

Acctivate will take a snapshot of the active items with quantity on hand at the time you run the Prepare Count Sheets function. The count adjustment will be based on the "snapshot" quantity and will NOT be adjusted based on additional transactions entered while the Inventory Count is open.

Acctivate allows you to continue processing some transactions
You may continue to enter sales quotes, orders and purchase orders during the inventory count without any conflict.

You may also enter some transactions that affect inventory but keep in mind that the count should be based on the inventory PRIOR to those transactions.

  • Mark incoming Inventory Receipts as "Do Not Inventory" (DNI) and don't include them in the count.
  • Record count quantities BEFORE picking inventory for Sales Orders that must ship during the count. If you must ship pick and ship inventory during the count, be sure to count that inventory IN your count, as at the time of preparing the count, you still owned that.
    • For Example, if you have 10 of Product A on hand, and your prepare a count sheet and ship off 5 of Product A for a sales order, you'll need to still enter 10 of Product A in the count as that's what your inventory was at the time of preparing the count.
  • Do NOT process Inventory Balance Adjustments during the Inventory Count.

During the inventory count process you will:

  1. Prepare Count Sheets
  2. Print Count Sheets
  3. Take Count
  4. Enter & Post Count
  5. Review the Variance Report

> Click here for the Step-by-step procedure: How do I perform inventory counts?

Perform inventory counts on a mobile device
If you have the Acctivate Mobile Inventory Management add-on module, refer to our Mobile Count help article for steps on performing inventory counts on your mobile device.

Organize inventory count sheets into zones
If your warehouse is organized by location using the Multiple Location Control add-on module, you can organize your inventory count sheet into zones. Learn more