Options for Modifying Reports and Creating New Reports

Sometimes a company might need a certain business specific report or may find themselves needing a standard report modified. Check out this article for information about your options.

Acctivate comes with numerous reports out of the box to fit several different needs of your business over various categories such as purchasing, sales, inventory management, customers, and more. Every so often, you may need a customized report to fit a specific need of your business. Acctivate support does not handle custom reporting requests as support prioritizes requests dealing directly with the software such as data issues, bugs, and general questions, but that doesn't mean you don't have a few options for getting a customized report. Below are some of those options:

  • Contact a Crystal Report writer to request a custom report. You can find a list of our official consulting partners here. Be sure to filter on "Custom Reporting."
  • Purchase a license for SAP Crystal reports to create and modify reports.
    • SAP Crystal Reports is not sold or supported by Acctivate Support. Advice for reporting is generally available, but for issues or questions about the software reach out to SAP support.
    • Purchase and learn Crystal Reports to manage your own reports. Please know that Acctivate does not provide training on Crystal Reports.
    • In order to create reports, users should have basic database knowledge and knowledge about database joins.
    • For resources about using Crystal reports, check out our webinar and our docs page.
  • Consider using a Microsoft Excel Query to extract the data you need from Acctivate into Excel.
  • For minor reporting changes, such as adding/deleting/moving around fields, adding logos, or making label size changes Acctivate Support is able to help. 
For information about setting up new reports in Acctivate, check out our docs page.