What do I do if I receive an installation error code that isn't documented in the knowledge base?

Although we have many error codes documented, sometimes a customer may encounter an error code that isn't. If you run into this situation, check out this article so we can best assist you.

Before you reach out to Acctivate about an installation error, ensure that it is none of the following:

If you are unable to find an article about an install error you're receiving be sure to reach out to Acctivate support for additional troubleshooting.

Support may ask for installation logs to help troubleshoot the issue. Install logs will show exactly what the installer was trying to do and where it went wrong. When reaching out to support for an installation error, be sure to include these logs.

You can find these logs in your "Temp" directory. To get there and get the logs, take these steps:

  1. Open the file explorer and type %temp% in the address bar like so:
    1. Temp
  2. Press the "Enter" key to search. 
  3. Click on the "Date Modified" header to sort the folder by date. You'll want the most recent dates at the top.
  4. Click and drag your mouse to highlight any file that starts with "Acctivate_Setup_..."
  5. With the files still highlighted, right click and click "Send To" and then "Compressed File"
  6. When you go to submit your ticket to support, be sure to attach this .zip folder to the ticket.