Business Alerts overview

Business Alerts are a quick and easy way to follow up and perform various tasks in Acctivate, such as re-ordering, posting assemblies and more.

Business Alerts is one of the strongest decision-making tools in Acctivate. Business Alerts can be used to remind users to perform tasks, re-order inventory, create assemblies, and even manage overdue invoices/shipments. As you use Acctivate, you'll definitely want to learn how to use Business Alerts to its full capacity to help you make various decisions in Acctivate.

Here's a rundown of the Business Alerts tabs and what they can help you achieve. For more detailed information, please check out the links in each section.

  • Reminders
    • Reminders can be created about almost anything in Acctivate. Customers, Sales orders, PO's, and even products. Reminders allow you to create a note about something, and assign it to a user for follow-up. You can even assign a specific time and date for follow up. Reminders will appear in this tab for users to see. Reminders are most effective when users have reminders appear when starting Acctivate.
  • Customer Credit
    • The Customer Credit tab allows for you to review all customers with a Credit hold, as well as pertinent information about them such as the balance due, credit limit and terms. This tab is also contains two other sub tabs for overdue invoices and disputed invoices.
  • Assemblies
    • The Assemblies tab is being deprecated in version 12.3 in favor of a new Create Assemblies window. Check back soon for more information.
    • The Assemblies tab allows for quick assembly functionality. On the assemblies tab, you can see all assemblies suggested for creation, as well as the sales order they appear on (if relevant.) You can also check off assemblies and create them with the click of your mouse.
  • Reorders
    • The Reorders tab is being deprecated in version 12.3 in favor of a new Create Reorders window. Check back soon for more information.
    • The Reorders tab allows you to see all products in which a re-order is suggested. Acctivate uses a re-order formula that decides if a product should be re-ordered based on a variety of factors. You can group by preferred vendor and batch create PO's for quick and painless re-ordering
  • Web Orders
    • The Web Orders tab of Business Alerts allows you to see any webstore orders that failed to sync into Acctivate. Here you can check off orders to delete them (not attempt to re-enter) or you can try and import them again. 
As you can see, Business Alerts are a very robust and powerful tool to help with all of your decision making in Acctivate.