Configuration Manager overview.

Acctivate's Configuration Manager acts like a control panel for Acctivate. In Configuration Manager, you can find a wealth of options for everything from users, to customers, reports and everything in between.

Configuration Manager is an admin only area in Acctivate where you can configure various options within the program. The Configuration Manager has many different sections relating to the various parts of the program. Admin users should be familiar with Configuration Manager to better tune Acctivate to your business.

Here's a run down of the different sections of Configuration Manager as well as links to docs articles about them:

  • User
    • Allows for the creation and modification of users, as well as the assigning permissions to various parts of Acctivate. Also allows for configuring email preferences for users.
  • Company
    • Contains a variety of company configuration options, such as company information, QB Sync settings, Smart Vault setup and Acctivate Window color. Here you can also setup Company email settings.
  • Customer
    • Contains a variety of options relating to customers, such as defaults, credit evaluation settings, branch information, type and more.
  • Sales Orders
    • Contains a variety of options relating to sales orders, such as defaults, workflows, processing options, picking options, COGS and sales accounts, and more. 
  • Inventory
    • Contains a variety of options related to product inventory such as product defaults, options, warehouse creation, locations, class, cost method and more.
  • Purchasing
    • Contains a variety of options relating to purchasing such as PO statuses, options, and defaults.
  • EDI
    • Allows for the creation and configuration of Trading Partners for EDI transactions. Requires purchase of Trading Partner as well as a VAN.
  • Mobile
    • Contains a variety of options relating to mobile, such as location of web service (for QR code,) and options relating to the various modules of mobile on Windows and Android.
  • Business Activities
    • Contains a variety of options relating to Business Activities and all the different customization options to make Business Activities fit your company's needs.
  • Web Store
    • Contains options to confirm importing sales orders, as well as how to handle orders with warnings.
  • Reports
    • Contains the entire Acctivate report catalog as well as their definition, permission group, type, and selection prompts. Here you can set printer assignments, define new report definitions and more. 
    • In Version 12.1 and higher, this has been moved to it's own section in Acctivate. See "Manage Reports"
  • Custom Fields
    • Allows for creation and configuration of Custom Fields within Acctivate.
  • Services