What version of SQL Server do I need?

Acctivate 10 distributes Microsoft SQL Server 2014

With the release of Acctivate 10, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express will now be distributed in the new server installation of Acctivate.  If you are installing Acctivate for the first time, this version of SQL Server will be installed during the Acctivate installation.  If you are an existing user, upgrading Acctivate from version 9 to version 10 using the Acctivate Update or Cumulative Update installer will NOT upgrade Microsoft SQL Server automatically.  Instead, you may need to manually upgrade SQL Server by downloading one of Microsoft's SQL Server versions.

The 2014 version of Microsoft SQL Server is NOT a requirement to run Acctivate 10.  If you aren't sure which version of Microsoft SQL Server Acctivate is currently running on, you can find this a number of different ways.  Take a look at this article on quickly finding the version of SQL Server you are running.

See Microsoft's site if you would like more information regarding Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

If you would like assistance with upgrading SQL Server, please submit a Support Request and a Support Rep can discuss a possible upgrade with you.