What to do if I can't access my Acctivate user account?

From time to time user may forget their login ID and Password for Acctivate. Review this article about what can be done to get access again

If you ever forget your Acctivate user ID or Password, you have a couple of different options to re-gain access to your Acctivate program.

  1. Ask someone in your company with System admin permissions to login and reset your password via Configuration Manager -> Users
  2. Try logging in with the "Sys" account and see if your able to reset your password via configuration manager.
  3. Verify that you are entering your password correctly including the correct letter case. Acctivate password are case sensitive.

It's always best to write down your account details so that in the case that you forget them you can find them to re-gain access to Acctivate. It's important to note that Acctivate support does NOT have access to your user ID details, as that is stored in your database. 

If all else fails, and there are no users that have System Administration permissions, then contact Acctivate support to open a ticket.