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Why are QuickBooks Items disabled?

This article explains why Items from QuickBooks are disabled and what happens to products when you start using Acctivate.

Once an Acctivate company has been created against a QuickBooks company, your QuickBooks inventory is deactivated.  Your transaction history in QuickBooks is NOT deleted, though.  All product information and transactions will take place in Acctivate.  You can read more regarding Product information here.

Being that QuickBooks Inventory is deactivated, there is no synchronization of product information from Acctivate back to QuickBooks.  QuickBooks items should stay deactivated.  If Products were to be activated in QuickBooks an invoices were to be posted, your Inventory Asset account would no longer match between Acctivate and QuickBooks.

The Acctivate Create Company process will create non-inventoried items in QuickBooks for each Acctivate Product Class.  Invoices will then display the Product Class and Product description on Invoice detail lines.