Why does Acctivate use Microsoft SQL Server?

Acctivate uses Microsoft SQL Server for managing data you view within each window in Acctivate.

Why does Acctivate use Microsoft SQL Server? The choice was clear for us.

Microsoft SQL Server is a very stable, fast, extremely popular and affordable database engine. There is a tremendous amount of support and resources available on the web and from Information Technology (IT) providers.  Plus, it’s relatively easy to work with.

Here is the Microsoft SQL Server summary from a recent Gartner report:

Microsoft exhibits one of the best value propositions on the market with a low cost and a highly favorable price/performance ratio. Skills are widely available in the marketplace to operate a Microsoft data warehouse and there is an easy learning curve to acquire those same skills, as needed. As an added bonus, customers report that the integration and continuity of a complete Microsoft data warehouse and business intelligence stack is highly advantageous to time-to-value in delivery. Noticeably absent are any fears regarding vendor lock-in. According to our reference checks and discussions with our clients, worldwide support from Microsoft is extensive, encompassing partners, value-added re-sellers, vendors of third-party software and tools and widely available SQL Server skills.

Source: Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems

Microsoft SQL Server is tightly integrated with the Windows Server security settings.  This allows for a quick installation on your existing server.  Microsoft is a proven leader in providing a secure database platform.

Since 2002, Microsoft’s SQL Server has compiled an enviable record. It is the most secure of any of the major database platforms. SQL Server has recorded the fewest number of reported vulnerabilities — just 49 from 2002 through June 2010 — of any database. These statistics were compiled independently by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the government agency that monitors security vulnerabilities by technology, vendor, and product (see Exhibit 1). So far in 2010, through June, SQL Server has a perfect record — no security bugs have been recorded by NIST CVE.

Source: SQL Server Most Secure Database…

The free Express Edition is sufficient for most Acctivate clients. You do not need to purchase a Microsoft SQL Server license for Acctivate.

Microsoft includes the SQL Server Management Studio utility to manage, backup, restore and move the database files. Maintenance plans and backups can easily be configured, there’s no need for custom scripts.  In fact, you can query Acctivate data directly in the Management Studio without the need for custom programming or scripts.

[Management Studio] for SQL Server is heavily graphical (point, click, fill in the blanks), as distinct from some other engines that are managed primarily through scripts. If you hate writing little programs to do everything with the database, SQL Server is appealing.

Source: Are All Database Engines Really The Same? (Squidoo)

There are many applications available with direct integrations to the Acctivate SQL Server database. Microsoft Excel has built-in support for SQL Server.  You can quickly and easily create an Excel pivot table directly from SQL Server.