Why is my Acctivate Data Import Failing?

If you use Acctivate, it is very likely at some point you will be importing data.  Whether you are importing data from an old system, creating new records, or updating existing records, the ability to Import Data in Acctivate is quick and easy.  Not only is it a fantastic time saver, but allows the import of multiple records with a click of the mouse instead of entering  one at a time by hand.  The first time you attempt to import data you may find that one or more rows are failing.

Common reasons for failed rows:

  1. Missing, or Blank Required Fields

  1. Incorrect file format
    • (Source File should be an Excel (xls, xlsx) spreadsheet or CSV)

  1. Incorrect data format error messages
    • (Not a number - Indicates the field is a numbers only field)

  1. Product Class: Product Class cannot be empty, Description: Description cannot be empty,  Product Type Cannot be Empty
    • (This product does not exist in Acctivate)

  1. Cannot open spreadsheet

Please review other import articles, or contact our support team for additional assistance.