Why isn't back ordered quantity updated automatically on sales orders?

Back Ordered quantity isn't updated automatically because you may have more on back ordered than received in.

When a product on sales orders that are back ordered are received in, you may notice that the sales orders are not automatically updated and allocated. This is because of the possibility of having more on back order than actually received and Acctivate doesn't want to risk over scheduling product that you don't actually have.

Instead you will need to allocate the newly available inventory manually to ensure that the orders that need product first are given them. This is done by either two different ways:

  1. The "Enter Sales Order" window, by going to "Action" and clicking "Reset Scheduled Quantities."
  2. The "Order Manager" window, by going to "Order Manager", clicking "Action" and then clicking "Reset Scheduled quantities."
For recommendation for rescheduling sales orders and its impact, please check out this article.