Configuring Workflow Status Options.

Acctivate has a variety of Workflow Statuses that can be edited to meet your specific needs.

Acctivate can utilize various workflow statuses to help process orders and improve efficiency. Acctivate already includes a default set of workflow statuses that can be used immediately, or you may define your own to better fit in with your needs. When properly configured, certain workflow statuses can affect how the system allows you to work with orders, particularly in batches. Acctivate also changes the workflow status of a Sales Order automatically based on certain behaviors and procedures that are followed.

Configure workflow status options:

  1. Navigate to the workflow status section of the Configuration Manager by opening File> Configuration Manager> Sales Orders> Workflow Status.
  2. You can add new workflow statuses or edit existing ones.
    • ID: This is a unique code required for each workflow status. This can be anything you want and have a length of up to 5 characters.
    • Description: This is the description of the workflow status and is visible throughout the system. This can be user defined and have a length of up to 80 characters.
    • Status: This is a system defined list of options. The status option will determine how the particular workflow status is used.

Workflow Status:

After configuring a workflow status you must assign it a status in the last column of the Workflow Status configuration. The status will affect how the workflow status is used in Acctivate.

Here is a list of the statuses and anywhere in Acctivate that the workflow status changes without manual selection by the user. Read more about default workflow statuses and a description of each status on our documentation page.

  • X - No Pick Required 
  • N - Not Ready to Pick 
  • R - Ready to Pick
  • I - In Progress
  • H - Pick on Hold
  • P - Picked
  • K - Packaging
  • S - Shipped 

When configuring your own custom workflow statuses, keep the following in mind.

Only one workflow should have a status of I- In Progress as well as K-Packaging, and S-Shipped. This prevents the wrong workflow from being selected in one of the processes Acctivate uses to change the workflow status of an order.


Where are Workflow Statuses used? 

Order Entry:

  • New orders can be assigned a default workflow status in the Order Processing Defaults section of Configuration Manager under Sales Orders > Order Options.

Rescheduling an Order: 

  • When an order is Rescheduled, it can be assigned a default workflow status in the Rescheduled Order Defaults section of Configuration Manager under Sales Orders > Order Options. The Rescheduled workflow status will be set, regardless if the scheduled quantities changed due to rescheduling.
  • The default workflow status for Rescheduled orders can be set to the default status of Ready to Pick or Not Ready To Pick.

Printing Pick Tickets:

  • When a Pick Ticket, or other reports with the same document type, is PrintedPreviewed, or Emailed from the workflow status of the order is changed to the first workflow with a status of I-In Progress. A default Pick in Progress workflow status can be set in the Configuration Manager under Sales Orders > Order Options.

Picking with Acctivate Mobile Warehousing:

  • You can pick view/pick orders with the following workflow status and combinations:
    • R - Ready to Pick
    • H - Pick on Hold
    • I - Pick In Progress

  • After picking, you can update the sales order to have one of the workflow statuses below. A default can be defined in File> Configuration Manager> Mobile> Order Picking.
    • P - Picked
    • H - Pick on Hold
  • If an order is marked as Pick on Hold then the quantities picked on the mobile device are saved, even if the sales order is re-scheduled. This status allows you to pause the pick and then resume later on where you left off. 

Preparing Packages with Packaging Manager:

  • You can prepare shipments based on workflow status. The options are:
    • All workflow statuses
    • R - Ready to Pick
    • N - No Pick Required
    • P - Picked
  • Be aware, if you re-schedule an order with a Picked status, it will set the picked quantities to zero on the mobile device (as well as potentially cause your scheduled quantities on the order to change).

Once you prepare shipments, the sales orders will default to the workflow status of K - Packaging.


  • When shipments are shipped (using Packaging Manager or our shipping integration module) the sales order will update with a status of S - Shipped.


  • You can batch-prepare invoices by going to Sales> Prepare Invoices. You can choose All or any single workflow status as a filter. You can also use the Order Manager to prepare invoices with a certain workflow status or other criteria.
  • When an order is invoiced, a default workflow status can be set for orders. If an order is Partially Invoiced, then a workflow status of B - Partially Invoiced can be set. If an order is invoiced in full and Completed then a default workflow status of C - Complete can be set.

EDI Modules:

  • The 3PL EDI transactions, commonly referred to as the 940 and 945, can be configured to utilize the workflow statuses. More information can be found in our article 3PL EDI Partner Workflow Status Options