Deleting Customers from Acctivate

You have old, inactive or duplicate customer records, now you want to delete them.  Acctivate does not allow users to delete customers once a record has been created.  While it may sound like a simple click of the mouse or press of the delete key, removing records could result in sync errors, data integrity issues, 'orphaned' records and could affect the accuracy of reports.  Databases can be a complex web of data with multiple tables and records some of them being dependent on one another.  Deleting a single record could potentially be like removing links from a chain.

Options for cleanup of customer records:

  • Customer is old or inactive or you no longer want them to appear in your customer list - Make the Customer Inactive.  This allows the user to filter the list using the Include Inactive checkbox.
  • Customer has two or more records, that should be combined - Merge Duplicate Customers in QuickBooks.  This allows the user to merge the customer and existing transactions into a single customer record.