Disassembling or Breaking Down a Product into its Components.

To turn finished goods into its components, make the components a percentage of the whole product or use a PO Receipt with a negative quantity to remove the finished good and positive quantity for the components to add into inventory.

To turn a whole product into the components that make up the product, there are a few options, but it will probably require some change to your company process.

The options below explain this process using Fish. This process can be applied to various other products that might relate to your company. More detail and step-by-step directions are found here. If you have further questions please contact Support. 

Option 1: Make the components assemblies listing a percentage of the whole fish. Add transaction for each component being "built" to remove the full fish from stock by posting the whole session.

Let's say there are 2 fillets, a tail, and a head that come out of a whole fish. The Fillet would be the assembly with .25 as the component qty since you build a qty of 2 and that's about half the fish. The head and tail would have a build qty of 1 with .25 each of the fish. When you post this, it removes the whole fish and adds the 4 things to stock. You maybe even want to add a waste product to this. If so, that would be a percentage of the whole fish. There are options here to how you disassemble the fish, but that's the gist of it.

Option 2: Receive in the Fish how you normally would. Assumingly, post the Fish PO Invoice and Receipt related to the PO and pay your Vendor as usual, unless you're the one fishing. If you're the one fishing, the fish are most likely set up as Standard Cost and are being issued or adjusted into stock. This process will not change. Then, use a new Inventory Receipt window without a PO. Add the whole fish with negative qty to remove from stock with the proper unit cost. Add the components to the receipt with positive quantities. Print the receipt before posting to make sure the session has a net of $0. Posting removes the Fish and adds the components to stock. This method is just the process to break the Fish down after it's in the system as an On Hand qty first.
*NOTE: You can either right click on the Inventory Receipt window in Excel> Send to Excel and sum up the Amount field to verify the net is $0 or create the receipt in Excel and use the Receipt Import in Acctivate after verifying the Amount is summed to equal $0. 


If there are many components, it might be better to do the receipt but is a more manual process. However, this could be done by importing the receipt from Excel. Which option you take is up to you, but it probably depends on the number of components the fish will break down into.