EDI Advance Ship Notice (856)

Acctivate can export sales shipment notifications to your customers via EDI as the 856. The file structure contains the Standard Pack (SOIP), Pick and Pack (SOPI), and No Pack formats.

Acctivate can export shipment notifications to your customers via EDI.  This transaction is the Advance Ship Notice, or ASN.  It may also be referred to as an EDI 856 transaction.

The shipment is typically created either by the shipping workstation interface (e.g. FedEx or UPS) or the Acctivate Package Manager.

The Acctivate ASN export includes support for three formats.  You'll hear more about these formats during your EDI implementation.  The format refers to the structure and sequence of the rows contained in the transaction.  Please read the linked articles below for each ASN format.

  • Standard Pack - One SKU per carton, referred to as SOIP
  • Pick and Pack - Multiple SKUs per carton, referred to as SOPI
  • No Pack - Items are listed without carton information

Please read the EDI Transaction Files article for more information.