Creating new lot/serial numbers.

Quantity for lot/serial products can only be created from an Inventory Receipt or from an Inventory Assembly.

These are the only two transactions in Acctivate that allow a user to create new lot numbers for the first time are Inventory Receipts and Inventory Assemblies.

Receipts can be from PO, Manually Entered, or Imported from spreadsheet. 

To manually generate an inventory receipt for a Lot/Serial controlled product, follow these steps:

  1. From the Inventory Menu choose > Inventory Receipts 
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  2. Be sure the session date and warehouse are correct.
  3. The session date is going to be the date the inventory will be received into the warehouse.
  4. Then add the 'required' Product, Received Qty, Cost, and Lot/Serial Number along with any additional optional fields.
  5. Click Save
    1. This ONLY saves the transaction, you still have not posted the lot quantities into inventory.
  6. To add the lot number and quantity to the product you must POST, the receipt transaction.  Once the transaction has been posted the receiving of lot numbers is complete.
    1. Receipt