Why isn't my new crystal report loading in Acctivate?

If you recently imported or updated a report in Acctivate and are having issues loading it, take these steps.

Below, you will find steps to troubleshoot if your newly created or modified Crystal report does not load correctly in Acctivate.

  1. First, determine which report file is being used Acctivate by going to File > Configuration Management > Reports > Report Catalog. The Report Catalog is the link to the report files used by Acctivate.
  2. Navigate to the report you need to review in the Catalog by selecting a category (i.e., OrderProcessing, Inventory, Purchasing), then click the report name to view the properties for that report. report config
  3. Review the options on the Properties tab. In the Report Filename field, users can click the Browse button ([…]) to browse to the location of the report.
    • Default reports are stored in the Acctivate directory on the server under
      \\[ServerName]\Program Files\ACCTivate\Reports
    • Custom reports are stored in the AcctivateData directory on the server under
  4. If the report file being referenced by Acctivate is outdated, use the Browse button ([…])to navigate to the correct report file.

Customers should put their Custom Reports in the CustomReport folder and mark the report in the Report Catalog as “Do not overwrite changes to this definition during Acctivate Update”.