How prices are determined on sales order lines. (Sales Order Price Hierarchy.)

When a product is added to an order with a customer, it checks for valid prices in the following order: Customer Contracts, Customer prices, Price Categories, Customer default price code, then List Price.

One of the strongest features in Acctivate is the ability to set and control various Price Levels for your products.

When a sales quote or order is entered into the system, Acctivate goes through the following list to provide the best price for the item selected. This logical process moves through four different stages to see if the proper price can be set.

1. Customer Contract Price

    • The first level of pricing that will be applied to your order is a customer contract.
    • If the customer that is placing the order has a contract with you for the product you have entered into the order, then this will be the price given to them for this order. Contracts are the first and highest level of pricing that are searched for when an order is taken.
    • Contracts are set on the Prices tab (Contracts and Prices tabs) on the Customer Information window.

2. Customer Specific Price and Price Categories

  • If no contract exists for your customer for the product on the order, then the next level of pricing that will-be searched for is a customer specific price. This is a price set for the customer on the Prices Tab of the Customer Information window.
  • There are two types of customer specific prices available (in the following sequence):
    • Specific price for a Product - either a price amount or a price code (i.e., price level) for a specific product.
    • Specific pricing for a category of products (i.e., Price Category)

3. Customer Default Price Code

  • The next level of pricing is the default price code set for the customer.  This is only used if there is no contract and also no customer specific price set for the product.
  • This default code is set on the Prices tab of the Customer Information window. When an order is placed, Acctivate will search the line item for a corresponding price on the product. Some common examples of Customer Default Price Codes are Dealers, Vendors and VIP Customers.
    • If a customer has a default price code and the product has a price for that code, then we use the price.
    • If product price and price category are available on the same item, we choose the product price.
    • If only a price category exists for this default price code and is assigned to the product, we use the price category price.

4. Product List Price

    • Finally, the List Price from the Prices tab of the Product Information window is selected for the product.
    • The List Price may not be valid for customer sales.  The "List price if none specified" option can be disabled in Configuration Manager under Sales Order > Order Options.